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At Terranova Consulting, leaders are challenged to develop the insights, skills and mindset necessary to act with confidence and fully realize leadership potential. 


Serving as a trusted professional partner requires not only experience leading successful organizations, but also the cultivated ability to understand the primary drivers of human behavior. Our distinctive approach combines extensive professional experience with the psychological insights necessary to impact organizational change and achieve lasting results.  

Commitment to Results

Terranova Consulting partnerships begin with the end in mind.  By collaborating with leaders to envision goals, design strategy and implement sound tactical plans, incremental actions transform into impactful results. Leaders ultimately learn the accountability pathways necessary to positively impact organizational health and translate big ideas into measurable achievement.      


All leaders deserve access to the resources, insights and skills necessary to foster professional development, design successful careers and realize leadership potential. It is our job to discover the capabilities of those searching for professional growth, and empower leaders at all levels to bring their unique definition of success to the organizations they serve.  


Terranova Consulting clients have included leaders from over 50 organizations, ranging from C-level executives at top 500 companies to small business owners about to hire first employees. Leaders can be found everywhere and we are proud of our ability to build authentic and trusted partnerships with anyone courageously leading others through uncertain times.      

Danielle Terranova

Danielle Terranova

Executive Consultant and Founder

Danielle Terranova is a certified executive coach and business consultant with the executive experience to fully understand the challenges leaders face in their daily lives. She incorporates her professional experience as a successful business leader with her coaching expertise to facilitate a creative process designed to deliver improvements in workplace performance, communication and strategic vision. As a result of her coaching, leaders and organizations develop the skills, plans and practices necessary to maximize potential and produce unrivaled results.

Her overall approach is direct, strengths-based and solutions focused. She works with leaders all over the world and across various industries to identify goals, develop strategy and overcome obstacles to achieve organizational objectives. Danielle partners with executives and teams to develop innovative solutions, address operational deficits and enhance leadership effectiveness. She is honored to serve as a trusted partner and advisor to courageous leaders at all levels with the desire to create a positive impact. 

Danielle has over 12 years of leadership experience in operations management and human resource administration, including a proven track record of effective leadership development, change management and process improvement strategies. She has nine years of executive coaching and organizational development consulting experience with clients in diverse regions, levels and industries. She holds a master’s degree in Behavioral Health from Boston University School of Medicine where she graduated with honors. She is a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, an accredited member of the International Coach Federation and a member of the Institute of Coaching. Danielle is currently pursuing a second master's degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Harvard Extension School.    

Notable Accomplishments

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Designing live and virtual workshop series to address organizational concerns and provide employee support through times of transition. 


Workshop topics include Understanding Personality, Effective Performance Management, Supporting Organizations Through Times of Change, Navigating the Cycle of Stress and Managing Conflict.


Participation in these workshops creates the opportunity to build leadership skills across a broad cross section of leaders in an organization and provides a foundation for organizational change.     

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