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We believe leadership mastery involves the ability to develop the potential in results and relationships. 


Around here, we believe credibility comes from coaching wisdom and  leadership experience in successful organizations. Coaching partners at Terranova Consulting combine impressive professional resumes with coaching certifications and expertise to bring an informed perspective to the coaching experience. We have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties leadership can entail and guide clients based on the lessons learned over the course of our professional careers.    


We believe leaders at all levels deserve access to the resources, insights and skills necessary to design leadership lives they love. We believe the leaders of today are required to cultivate results and relationships at the same time to achieve leadership mastery. And we believe it is our job to empower leaders with the leadership lessons they need to cultivate potential in themselves, others and the organizations they serve. 

Commitment to Results

Our partnerships always begin with the end in mind. We collaborate with leaders to envision what's possible, design strategy and implement tactical plans to achieve lasting results. Far from a theoretical exercise, we teach leaders the accountability pathways necessary to positively impact organizational health and translate big ideas into measurable achievement. They learn to improve leadership, one relationship at a time, and experience the esteem that comes from positively contributing toward the professional lives of others.         


Terranova Consulting clients include leaders from over 50 organizations, ranging from C-level executives at top 500 companies to small business owners about to hire first employees. We believe leaders can be found everywhere and we are proud of our ability to build authentic and trusted partnerships with anyone courageously leading others at work. We are proud to serve as a trusted partner to executives all over the world and look forward to cultivating partnerships with the talented leaders in your organization.     

Danielle Terranova

About twenty years ago (feels like a lifetime!), my leadership style earned me the nickname “Napoleon.” While I tried to convince myself it was an affectionate reference to my short stature and authoritative approach, but in reality, comparing someone to an egomaniacal conqueror is far from a complement, even in the best of circumstances. 


With disappointing results, unfulfilled expectations and strained relationships in my wake, I was left with no doubt that my leadership methods were ineffective, and yet, I had no clear understanding of what I was doing wrong. It was not until a moment of divine intervention (read the full story here) that I finally saw the light and learned how to be an effective leader.


Ultimately, the early struggles in my professional career have made me a better coach because I truly understand the challenges leaders face.

I know the feeling of being utterly crushed by criticism and negative feedback

while doing your best to help everyone successful. 

I understand what happens when you immerse yourself in tasks under pressure, 

becoming entirely ineffective with your time and energy. 

I know how draining it can be to spend your time holding everyone accountable

when it seems like no one cares as much as you do.  

I understand what it’s like when everyone wants something 

from you, and you have nothing left to give. 

Although my leadership career began with a rocky start, it continues to this day with a passionate commitment to learning the insights, skills and tools necessary to get it right. I learned valuable lessons about successful leadership and codified them into effective leadership practices and principles that influence every aspect of my coaching perspective. 

I believe...

Leadership is a skill you can cultivate, not a trait you were born with.​

Effective leaders achieve results and nurture relationships at the same time.

Leaders do not have all the answers, they empower those who do.

Leadership fulfillment comes from the achievements of those you develop.

Leadership greatness happens when challenges become the fuel to support success in others. 

Today, I combine professional experience with advanced education and coaching credentials to provide a multifaceted approach to unlocking potential. I am unwavering in my dedication to understanding the essentials of successful leadership and motivated to impart the significance of quality relationships in achieving leadership success. I am genuinely humbled by the opportunity to serve others as the coach I wish I had when I began my career.

Let’s work together to design a professional life you love and discover the leader you are meant to be.


Executive Consultant and Founder

Danielle Terranova

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