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The best coaching partnerships begin with a period of reflection, used to consider the key expectations, levels of commitment and stylistic preferences necessary to produce positive outcomes. Coaching is a highly collaborative and interactive approach to professional development that relies on clarity in these areas to foster a productive relationship and drive results.

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Although many leaders recognize the benefits of a coaching partnership to improve performance, deliver results and positively impact organizational culture, most have lingering questions about what the process will entail. Concerns range from the level of time commitment required to the potential impact of revealing the coaching relationship to others within the organization.

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Coaching executives for all these years has taught me about the commonality of professional circumstances that lead talented professionals to consider a coaching partnership.  While moments of professional transition provide the general context for professional development exploration, a variety of professional conditions can motivate leaders to invest in the supportive partnership coaching provides. 

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Danielle has been invaluable in my search to find the right landing spot as I pivot careers. She has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke the various thoughts and skills to bring out a clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own. 

Coaching with Danielle has provided me with an irrevocable amount of insight on how to situate myself while building a business. Her un-biased voice of guidance will lead you to short-term solutions, with long-term gains—within your self and your career.

Danielle is a gifted listener. Her empathy and ability to focus on someone else is unparalleled. Her ability to uniquely distill what she has heard into valuable, credible insight distinguishes her from all other coaches.

Danielle Terranova

There’s no better way to achieve personal and professional success than by getting the right support from the right person at the right moment.


Let's connect and start the conversation to discover some of the most effective strategies to optimize yourself and your business.





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