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Terranova Consulting customizes professional development services to meet the specific needs of our clients by identifying goals, evaluating opportunities and recommending the most effective interventions to produce successful outcomes.   

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching provides leaders with a personalized approach to leadership development. We partner with high performers to cultivate insight, agree on objectives and design strategies to produce measurable outcomes. We believe your success is our success, and we know the results of our partnership will extend beyond you to positively impact the organization you lead.  

Talent Assessments

Talents Assessments are an invaluable tool to gain objective insight into an individual's values, gifts, strengths and opportunities for development. Assessments create strategic alignment and allow for data-driven decisions when designing development plans for those in key leadership positions or transitioning into new roles.  Together we will use assessment findings to identify talent and develop  potential in high performing individuals.  

Educational Workshops

An essential element of leadership is providing opportunities for aspiring leaders to develop the skills necessary to maximize their potential.  Educational Workshops are custom designed to address specific organizational needs, positively impact culture and foster the skills necessary to develop leadership efficacy.  

Business Consulting

Business Consulting services support leadership development progress by cultivating opportunities within the organizations they lead. With a focus on organizational design, operational systems and communication strategies, leaders will develop plans to initiate organizational change, positively impact culture, and maximize potential.   

Team Coaching and Support

Team Coaching and Support offers a solution to establish cohesive working groups within organizations.  Members will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and each other as they work to determine common goals, develop new perspectives, enhance collaboration and positively influence productivity.  Both newly formed and established teams benefit from efforts to optimize team dynamics and produce successful outcomes.

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