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Managing Risk

Starting a business, pursuing a dream job or accepting leadership responsibility within an organization are professional moments fraught with high levels of uncertainty and risk.  While its common to experience doubts in these situations, we inherently understand that to be successful, we must muster something deep within ourselves to push reservations aside and embrace the potential offered by moments of uncertainty.





















While we acknowledge the threats inherent in navigating uncertainty, we also cultivate the ability to access the powerful parts of ourselves that are capable of brushing past fear.  Through our determination, tenacity and perseverance, we manage risk and create the foundation that turns professional dreams into reality.  

With consistent positive energy and effective mitigation of fearful responses, we produce successful outcomes.   Yet as we begin to achieve the outcomes we desire, develop confidence and inspire others with our ability to produce results, we are often unprepared to manage the increasing expectations and pressure borne from that kind of success.  

Achievement often created greater responsibility, which in turn causes many to abandon the productive relationship with risk that fostered our early success.  We feel the temptation to play it safe, avoid uncertainty and limit our enthusiasm for truly creative and innovative ideas.  When this protective instinct goes unmanaged, we place our futures at risk because we fail to effectively balance our expectations for results with the bold strategies that foster positive outcomes.    

Working with a coach is an opportunity for leaders to reconnect with the pioneering spirit that fostered  early successful outcomes, understand their intrinsic responses to risky situations and chose adaptive strategies that allow for thriving growth within the organizations they lead.   It is a chance to collaborate on objective risk evaluation strategies and develop the tools necessary to mitigate the fearful responses uncertainty can inspire.  Through this partnership, leaders emerge with the understanding necessary to balance innovation with pragmatism and foster the inventive strategies necessary to build long-term organizational success.     

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